The Corona crisis makes one thing clear: the conditions under which we organise education can change quickly. Faster and more radically than we previously thought possible. While digitisation has so far been seen as a challenge that we must sensibly address and that must be shaped for the future, the current situation leaves no stone unturned in this respect. After the shutdown – and may it pass quickly – digitisation will no longer be an option in educational institutions – it will become a self-evident cultural technique. But it is not only the organisation of education that is currently under scrutiny. Behind this lies the more profound question of what goals and content we are using to prepare young people for a society that is increasingly ready for radical and disruptive changes to its respective systemic conditions. The concept of “future skills” is currently discussed and much sought for all over the world. It is out of that reason why we have created a focal point in our research activities to advance insights into what future skills are and how they can be supported.

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