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Future Skills should be the skills that enable university graduates to master the challenges of the future in the best possible way. In order to deal with future challenges, students must develop curiosity, imagination, vision, resilience and self-confidence, as well as the ability to act in a self-organised way. They must be able to understand and respect the ideas, perspectives and values of others, and they must be able to deal with mistakes and regressions, while at the same time progressing with care, even against difficulties. Learn more about those skills that people will need in the future to shape their world and environment as citizens in an increasing globalised context. What skills do employees need in order to cope with the constant development and constant adaptation to new situations in organisations and working life? Discover those skills that we call Future Skills.

Future Skills Book: Overview

In this Open Access book, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers analyses changed basic coordinates of higher education worldwide and asks how higher education must evolve to meet in a world of global challenges, social changes and innovation-driven, agile fields of work.

Future Skills Introduction

Can graduates really be prepared for the future by predominantly acquiring knowledge? Do we already have adequate concepts for competence development in higher education? Or do we need something new, something radical? Learn more about the definition of Future Skills and our study.


The Future Skills Turn

It’s like having to replace the pilot in a car race, right in the middle of a steep turn and during a risky overtaking manoeuvre. The old institution of higher education is faced with the challenge of having to reinvent itself. Learn more about challenges and opportunities.


The Triple Helix Model

An actor can develop Future Skills in relation to her/himself, can develop them in relation to dealing with a task, a topic or an object s/he is working on, or in relation to an organisational environment, i.e. the social system. Learn more about the close interrelated integration of Future Skills into the Triple Helix Model.


The 17 Future Skills Profiles

Seventeen Future Skills profiles, each containing further subskills, have been defined and can be differentiated in three skills dimensions. Learn more about the profiles.


Background Information: Self-Organisation

Empowerment to self-determination changes everything: the relationship between the state and its citizens, between companies and their employees, between shareholders and customers, between superpowers and smaller countries. Learn more about cooperative forms of interaction.


Background Information: Emergence

How to deal with the unforeseen? Emergence is like the stage on which the development of organisations, processes and social coexistence in modern societies takes place. Emergence provides information on whether and on which rules self-organisation is based in social systems. Learn more about processes that are no longer predetermined or rule-based.


State of Research of Future Skills

The state of research is a recapitulating overview of all the works and studies published to date on the research topic. Learn more about what we know so far on Future Skills.


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