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Future Universities

In this Open Access book, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers analyses changed basic coordinates of higher education worldwide and asks how higher education must evolve in order to meet demands  in a world of global challenges, social changes and innovation-driven, agile fields of work. Read the book.

Four Scenarios for Future Learning

The Delphi survey made a point to view future higher education from a students’ perspective and envisioned future learning experiences. Learn more about the gravitation centers of organisational development.


Ten Seconds of Future Universities

The future of higher education stretches out like a horizon. It is important for the future of the university to also take into account its internal situation and the expectations of its different stakeholders. Learn more about the future presents of higher education.


Envisioning the Future

If the current higher education model is transferred to a postmodern future, which structures will gain in importance? Learn more about a further developed higher education model.


Four Drivers for Change

Four key drivers in the higher education market can be described. Each driver has a radical change potential for higher education institutions and together they mutually influence each other and span the room in which higher education will likely develop. Learn more about the “pillars of change“.


Ten Examples of Future Skills in Practice

In an anthology, ten selected organisations report on how they deal with the Future Skills Turn, which Future Skills will be important for them, how they promote them amongst their employees and what they expect from universities. Learn more about the practice book.


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